The November Bakery

Wed, Mar 28 2012 04:07 PM

I have always wondered why The November Bakery was just different. Well their cakes and bakes aren’t aren’t made out of gold nor are they fat-free, but if you’ve been to November you’d understand what I’m talking about. We have roughly 100 good bakeries in Kuwait; 99 of them offer everything you think you’ll find in a bakery but one of them doesn’t.

So I got this invitation from November 2 weeks ago for a testing/tasting session exploring new desserts to be launched soon (hopefully). They’ve been working on new desserts and perfecting their  exquisite ones which they already offer. As I was getting ready for that night (and precisely under the shower), I started to ask myself why doesn’t November bake the usual sought after desserts like regular strawberry cheesecakes and other fruit oriented desserts? Why did I have he feeling that November focuses on chocolate oriented / English cake and other older generation cravings and disregarded the fatty nutella/commercial younger generation oriented sweets? I did over generalize the last statement but I wanted some answers from the owner!!

I walk in The November Company (Tilal Complex) fashionably late as usual, and to my luck I spotted friends and relatives directly – wiping out the self-introduction task which I don’t like very much. Having just finished a seafood meal at home, I was craving desserts, and that’s all I found! To be frank, there were items which I felt were average, while others were stunningly delicious. I won’t call it food porn because people will argue it was more like a graceful munch.

I was really glad that the owners were enthusiastic to hear out comments and critiques, not that the was much of the latter but I do remember having only one comment about a dessert that was served when it seemed that they spotted the issue before I even finished raising the comment.

What I loved?

Coffee Crumble: (2nd photo) overheard someone say was prepared with espresso shots! If I’m not mistaken it did have peanut butter somewhere there (my personal favorite of the night).  

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake bar: (3rd photo) was voted the best amongst attendees.

Hasuni Cake: (1st photo) usually a full sized cake, but this time cupcake sized. With bananas & Nuts. Complements the 11:45am cup of tea you have at the office; or coffee!

Strawberry & Raspberry Chocolate parfait: Fruits! Something I’ve never tried – a mini cake inside a tiny glass with cream and berries on top!

Last but not least and gladly before I left I discussed with the owner the topic I kicked-off this post with. Why are you different? But before that question left my lips I totally agreed that the direction The November Bakery took is what makes them special. The owner just confirmed this clash of thoughts inside my head. Born and raised with an English background, the taste, touch, and scent of November is everything about their lives. You want candy, sugar, and colored sweets go to any of the 99 bakeries around town. Want to add quality calories? You’re welcome.


Who ruined the World Cup?

Sun, Jul 4 2010 01:50 PM

One word: Managers.

Of course, the Germans and especially Dutch would completely disagree with me, as to them this is one exciting World Cup. It is nice to see great performances from teams which had dreamt to reach the first-round; only for them to exceed their dreams and reach the quarter-finals and even the semis. Sides like Ghana, Japan, Paraguay, and Uruguay were the sweetest things in the mondial so far. However, Fabio Capello, Carlos Dunga, and most bitterly Marcelo Lippi were very sour to an extent which made many people tune to Wimbledon instead.

With all due respect to Paraguay, Ghana, and Uruguay, it was about time to see top-notch teams battleing it out on the latter stages of the World Cup. Although we did see the big tems meet each other, we always had one team lacking class. First it was Brazil. Dunga did a great job ditching Alexander Pato, Ronaldinho, and even Ronaldo (as FAH would agree). Truely those players weren’t on top form, but would offer the extra push for Brazil more than Ramires or Julio Baptista would ever accomplish.

England: We all thought it was about time that the most complete squad on earth would finally do it, especially with Fabio Capello; who I think trusted the wrong players. Then going on to the World Cup hero who ruined his reputation: Marcello Lippi. I would’nt blame him for the results as his players gave all what they got, even the 49 year old Cannavaro. However, I would blame his ego for excluding Antonio Cassano, Mario Balotelli, Marco Boriello, Guiseppe Rossi, Franseco Totti, and ditched his reputation with them. I can forgive them all, as I can see light at the end of the tunnel. At least now the English media would’nt question a rejuventaed England squad which sees star players missing. On the other hand, while Dunga has created a perfect atmosphere at the National side for upcoming competitions, Lippi has introduced potential stars which do have the experience Cecsare Prandelli (the new Italy coach) would build on.

Then comes the unforgivable: Diego Maradona.

I simply can’t imagine an Argentina side without Javier Zanetti, just try to recall the images from last night’s debacle, especially goals which came from the right side of the feild. Ditching Cambiasso, Zanetti, Riquelme, Milito (on the bench), Lavezzi? Instead including the likes of Martin Palermo and other defenders which no one has ever heard from? Yes they have a young sqaud, but wasn’t this Messi’s World Cup?

Looking on to the even brighter side, the world got to know Larissa Riquelme (above) at least. I am supporting Uruguay anyway!


Chocolateness molten cakes

Sun, Apr 18 2010 10:35 AM


Unlike Ansam, I didn’t actually get this from the owners of Chocolateness, instead I found it at home. I’ve never heard of it before.. but I’m telling you not only does it taste good the box also smells really good! So if you are on a diet then you better stay away from the box as well;p Anyway, for some reason Chocolateness molten cakes reminded me of sweet’n cup cakes. Maybe because both were warm and had chocolate filling in the inside. I haven’t tried any other flavors, but according to Ansam the original molten cake which I’ve tried is the best so far. Chocolateness molten cakes are homemade, so if you want to order then just call 99906890.

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Hello CupCake

Sat, Oct 17 2009 07:09 PM

sweet'n cup

This is dangerous. I found those cupcakes at home and they’re from a place called sweet’n cup. From what I’ve learned, sweet’n cup offers only one kind of cupcake. It’s a soft chocolate cupcake covered with a warm chocolate sauce and of course there is a ball of malteser sitting at the very top of the cupcake. It’s delicious


It comes in a very nice packaging too.

1 dozen is for 6 KD and you can order it online or give them a call 97977967

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Dear Government – HOV lanes please!

Tue, Sep 29 2009 12:05 PM


It is about time we have Carpool lanes (HOV lanes – High Occupancy Vehicles). This is the only solution for traffic every morning. Just ride with a friend or family to work, and you will have a sweetly-flowing lane and say goodbye to traffic. Strictly fine whoever abuses this lane, and we will be all set.

I personally encourage others to carpool, I have done it a couple of times, and will remain on doing it as long as I can. Join the club for the time being!

Note: The state of California has allowed hybrid cars to join HOV lanes!


Food Avenue Review

Mon, Aug 17 2009 10:06 AM


I visited the Food Avenue exhibition last night. It’s not P2BK (not that P2BK is a benchmark), but it’s worth a visit, the organizers did put an effort into it, and I’m sure the next time around it will be better. One thing my friend WM noticed is that most of the exhibitors there were displaying desserts, other foods only contained Coffee Republic, a home-made sushi, BBQ something, and a hot dog place.

Amongst the desserts available, you MUST NOT MISS Sweet n Cup! I loved his desserts. Another place I liked was Kakao, they offer sweets with somehow weird mixes, which I found amazing, the Oreo cluster is something I wouldn’t fail to mention.

All in all, the exhibition is a good start, and I hope next time around it is better organized. Browse the gellery hereunder for a better taste of the exhibition.

Please note that most exhibitors are home-based small businesses!


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