How much will it be sold for?

Wed, Apr 21 2010 10:40 AM


I read in the newspaper today that Zain is planning to have an auction on 27 diamond numbers. What’s interesting is that the number 90000000 will be among the 27 numbers. The auction will be on the 28th of April from 6:30pm – 10:30pm. I remember that VIVA sold 55555555 for somewhere around KD 360,000, how much do you think 90000000 will be sold for?

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Exlusive Results..

Tue, Mar 3 2009 10:39 PM

Viva auction

This is a copy of the press release by VIVA, sent EXCLUSIVELY to Buzberry before the official release to the media. We would like to thank VIVA for their cooperation .


VIVA Diamonds sold for 694.4 thousand KD
During its 1st Charity Auction

March 3rd.09
Kuwait- Sahara Gulf Club

VIVA raises more than 694.4 thousand KD ,during its first charity auction for the diamond numbers march 3rd were The highest price paid for the diamond number 55555555 was 360,100 thousand  The company will donate the revenue of this auction for charity projects .

CEO Najeeb Al-Awadi, speaking on the occasion, said that the idea of holding an auction for this purpose gave it great significance, especially since the returns were used to support charity activities and serve different local community sectors. Therefore, he added, the idea was part of VIVA’s principled strategy of commitment to supporting charity and welfare community establishments in Kuwait, which reflected the magnitude of commitment and dedication by the Company to serving its community and contributing to the achievement of their great goals.

He described the auction as one in a chain of upcoming such events, which VIVA would be holding now and then to sell Vanity numbers and use the returns to fund and promote charity and community activities in the Sate of Kuwait.

He lauded the enormous efforts exerted by VIVA staff at the auction, which turned out to be a great success both in organization and implementation. He also spoke highly of the Kuwait Group for Public Auctions, which exhibited exemplary cooperation with VIVA staff, extending generous support to ensure that the auction came out as successful as it did, paying special tribute to the commendable role played Barakat Al-Wiggayyan, the well-known Kuwaiti announcer who played host at the auction.

Al-Awadi expressed gratitude for the efforts played by the Ministry of Communications for their support and cooperation and also for VIVA’s board members for devoting the diamond numbers sold at the auction for social welfare promoting purposes. He also thanked staff at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor with  the Ministry of Commerce for their generous support and role in making the auction a great success. Profound thanks also went to participants at the auction who paid high prices for the auctioneered diamond numbers, knowing that the money was devoted to supporting charity and community activities in Kuwait.

Numbers sold for :
55000000 45,000
55111111 39,000
55444444 31,000
55666666 36,000
55555556 56,000
55777777 32,000
55505050 9,000
55222222 27,000
55444455 5,800
55101010 6,000
55000002 4,500
55000006 8,000
55888888 35,000
55555555 360,100


It seems that everybody got it wrong in the previous post;p

Buzberry Team

Give me Five..

Tue, Mar 3 2009 10:54 AM


The auction on the “55555555” number will be held today.. So how much do you think the number will be sold for?

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