Bye Bye Michael

Fri, Jun 26 2009 02:06 AM


It seems that it’s true.. King of Pop Michael Jackson had passed away earlier today. I’ve always been a fan of Michael’s classics and I also wanted to see him in London this summer

via NY Times

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  1. Anonymous Says:


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  2. Zuno Says:

    May he rest in peace. He is truly a legend!

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  3. Abdulla Says:

    Very sad and tragic :(

    i too was hoping to catch his concert this summer…RIP MJ!

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  4. Alvaro Says:

    yeah FAH we all wanted to go to London this summer!

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  5. reemas Says:

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  6. N Says:

    The news also spread thru bbm, and at first i thought it was an actual rumor and i remembered yesterday’s post and laughed… but sadly it turned out to be true!

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  7. Entra-p-Noor Says:

    Did he ??

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  8. Entra-p-Noor Says:

    Did he ??

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  9. MAW Says:

    Rest In Piece :(:( !

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