Soundbar Hunting

Sun, Oct 2 2011 08:11 AM

By now I think I tried all the TV-surround systems in the market, well most of them. Some sounded like heaven, others were cheaply cheap. At the end of the day (although they get a bit pricey) Bose just give you a perfect solution with sound quality, size, and style. Yamaha is a very good competitor.

Now shifting to a specific breed of surround systems, I remember the first sound bar I came across to be a Yamaha, but it only gave a surround-ish feeling. Now Bose have released their first-ever version of the sound bar, and although around $500 more than the Yamaha model I liked, I think they aced it with the new CineMate ($1,500). Not trying to be very biased to Bose (which I am), but yeah.

Hope their store at the Avenues opens up anytime during my lifetime.

Yamaha soundbars Link

Bose CineMate Link


3 Responses to “Soundbar Hunting”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I have Bose in my room. Bought it a few years ago and it’s still great. Gotta vouch for their quality. The only thing I hate is the separate controller, makes me wish I had one of those master remote controls, you know…

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  2. Liaqti Says:

    i prefer wireless surround system :)

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