To Travel?

Wed, Jun 29 2011 11:44 AM

I had this debate all day long yesterday:

Travel now before Ramadan touches down, because when Ramadan is over you can’t go just anywhere – i.e beach destinations in Europe (weather) , and the Far East (Monsoon season begins). 


It is better to wait until Ramadan is over, then it’ll be easier to travel you can find better offers and you won’t have booking limitations.

I think that a short trip won’t hurt now, but I’d rather make it after Ramadan.

What do you think?


9 Responses to “To Travel?”

  1. F Says:

    I’m thinking about the same thing, but since i dont have a break from work I have to wait till the 3eed break. However, if you’re planning to go to a remote place then you should go now. why wait? I’m thinking Italy for my next break but I still haven’t decided for sure!

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  2. Alvaro Says:

    F – It’s always Italy in my case.. or at least has to be included in the trip. You can go to remote areas in Italy!

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  3. F Says:

    Where in italy? Besides rome and milan. I’m thinking of visiting some of the islands! Have u been?

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    Alvaro Reply:

    If ur going to Milan then you have to visit monza and Como.. Go to Florence .. Visit Lecce (Florence of the south)

    Summer destinations include Rimini .. And other east cost destinations..

    West is Porto Fino !

    Take me with you!!!!

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    F Reply:

    Ok i’ll add all of the above to the list!
    You can come if you dont have to work in 3eeed

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  4. Buzfairy Says:

    It’s definitely after Ramadan, if ur still in KUwait these days.

    London & Paris are already overcrowded with khalejiyeen, so it’s not that much fun to go the now. Plus, Ramadan is just one month away, which is too short of a period to have a great vacation.

    IMO, I say after ramadan :)

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  5. deQor8 Says:

    i would travel after Ramadan … weather around the world will be cooling down considerably

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  6. F Says:

    Weather really sucks now and there will be absolutely nothing to be done in july thanks to the heat, so maybe you should travel now!

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  7. In_love_with_laguna Says:

    After Ramdan Inshalah maybe Far east

    Fairy ;-) what are you doing here ?

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