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Mon, Jul 5 2010 12:44 PM

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper. - Jerry Seinfeld

Ansam uses this quote as a footer in all her emails, which has on several occasions lead me to believe that many people are simple minded – or imbecile; precisely when it comes to current events. I have always argued (with you the reader) about the power of media, which is simplified by the quote stated above.

This will be very short. After a week or so of coverage on the Freedom Fleet to Gaza (not to mention the emotional solidarity and sympathy which Kuwaitis showed) around a month ago; Does anyone know, read, or even heard of the developments?

A question which definitely generates dozens of other questions.

update: Just found out that Mashable tackled the same topic of loosing interest in news; WITH STATISTICS from Google, Twitter, and Youtube!


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  1. Ansam Says:

    LOL I love this quote because I think its funny and nothing else ALvarowooo :-P

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  2. Summer Says:

    true.. media has a great affect on us!

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  3. wet knickers Says:

    sorry i think i missed the point of this post..
    nah but seriously..
    i do think media controls us largely..
    and i tell myself its a conspiracy theory..
    then i think… but there’s sooo many media outlets..
    they can’t all be in on it..
    then thinking about it makes my head hurt!
    so did i tell u i love seinfellddd??? :D

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  4. Abdulmohsen Says:

    Current events is a very broad and relative term. Allow me to explain:

    I believe that people themselves should define what current events are. In my case, my current events would include the economical/financial scene and maybe even the ‘local’ political scene. The international political scene is of little importance to myself so I overlook them when I read the newspaper.

    I personally don’t think my version of current events include the Freedom Fleet, unless it found its way into our local affairs. I honestly couldn’t care less about the volatile Turkey/Israel relations (or so I heard) because I think it has no direct effect on us from a local perspective.

    I believe it is not accurate that some people are regarded as simple minded if they did not know more about the Freedom Fleet. The reason might simply be that they might consider them as current events. They might have been interested in the past because Kuwaitis were involved.

    It’s all relative and it depends on the readers’ perspectives of their version of current events.

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    Alvaro Reply:

    Abdulmohsen very true and your making my life easier. My idea isn’t a trial to gather all events as current events; the set of current affairs I tried to communicate are very vague.
    Let’s take for example your set of current events (financial / economic). Where is the Greece (euro) economic situation in the media? Did they solve the issue for the media (at least local) to locate less space and time to discuss the issue? Same applies to the BP dilemma (don’t repond to this with “its still a hot topic in the states”, because it has to be – its a national disaster.
    Where is all the talk about Agility taking the front pages on local newspapers? Is the trial over? And so on..

    What you expressed is ture. In fact, it even more highlights the fact that what is important to different selects of people is only relitavely important as the media places it on the “importance scale.”

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    Abdulmohsen Reply:

    I see what you mean, the Greek situation is still covered, but not with the same enthusiasm as when it first exploded, the same thing with BP and Agility.

    The reason for the lack of enthusiasm is because of the ‘importance scale’ you mentioned. That was a good way of putting it. But we should also realize that the most influential aspects of this ‘importance scale’ is how recent the events took place. The reason is that new topics need more column inches to explain what happened and offer reasons/ possible consequences, developing stories have already been exposed so they only have to give the latest updates.

    It is normal to see that more importance is given to new topics than developing ones. Today’s events cover the first page while developing events are pushed more to the back, but that doesn’t mean they’re not covered.

    It is up to us to go and find out what happened to our current events.

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    Alvaro Reply:

    precisely what I’m trying to point out: It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

  5. q8travelbud Says:

    News is an everyday thing … there is always something new a breaking news that makes the pages … most people don’t have the capacity (memory, emotionaly etc.) to keep track of all the stories and events … BP is still a big issue in the US but its not the headlines in here anymore … sometimes in order to steer the public away from something they create new headlines to get people’s attention… as for me ….. I read a lot … I listen to whats going on but I made a decision not to invest “emotionally” into current events … but i don’t think that I am simple minded !

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  6. Abdulmohsen Says:

    Check out the comments of that Mashable article, most of them offer the same explanation

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