Al Muthanna Complex.. Back to KFH?

Sun, Jun 20 2010 08:34 AM

Its been 25 years since Kuwait Finance House (KFH) had built one of the most complete and still interesting malls in Kuwait, Al Muthanna Complex. Interesting because you barely can find a handful of useful bookshops in Kuwait located next to each other. Yet still interesting when you think of the incomparable location which the complex sits on, let alone the size of the land itself.

I am not familiar with the terms, agreements, and negiotiations going on between KFH and the government. However, I’ve been reading in the papers over the weekend that KFH is unwilling to vacate the building and is seeking a court rule to extend the contract for a further 25 years. The issue here is that roughly one-fourth (1/4) of occupied land in Kuwait belongs to the government where the current occupants are on a 25 year or limited ( in case of beach houses in the south) contracts to transfer land to the government.

In Al Muthanna’s Complex’s case, the land will be sold dirt cheap for someone who can afford to buy Real Madrid. But we all have faith that whether the contract is extended or not, the government can manage to operate the complex and increase revenues. When it’s time to vacate Souk Sharq offices, I hope it won’t be evacuated. 


12 Responses to “Al Muthanna Complex.. Back to KFH?”

  1. GeRmAn ShEpaRd Says:

    Oo shil ma6loob ya3ny. Yr7am omkom gololy

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    admin Reply:

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    GeRmAn ShEpaRd Reply:

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    Bu-3aZoZ Reply:

    What a doshbag

  2. TaZmaNiA Says:

    GeRmAn ShEpaRd: lol funny ;p

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  3. Summer Says:

    its sad they’re demolishing it!! I love the bookshop inside of it!! its one of the only decent bookshops remaining in kuwait

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    Alvaro Reply:

    I think it’s stupid to demolish it, in fact, I beleive that if the government takes over they will only manage it and rent revenues will be for the government

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  4. Kal Says:

    GeRmAn ShEpaRd……what the…..?
    anyways, as i heard they lost the appeal… so, is it gone alright? im not sure…

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    Alvaro Reply:

    I thinik KFH’s chariman said something about a second appeal or whatever it was, but it looks like its over

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  5. Sal Says:

    Great post. Al Muthana for sure nests on a prime location, would be interesting to know much its worth. The situation is somewhat similar to that of Aladdin Al Salmiya.

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  6. Royal AbdulAziz Says:

    ilmuthana kan im2ajar 7ag KFH 3an 6areee8 il dawla o ib s3r kinder chocolate ee min 9ejey ib s3r kinder 3an 6areee8 amlak il dawla 3ala 2asas 2ajar fa min 7ag ilmalik e6ali3 ilmosta2jer itha yaby bs KFH ma yabon ye6l3oon fa rfa3aw d3wa min 25 aw 30 sena 3ala ildawla o tadroon 3ala ma ye6la3 il 7okom 3ndina ila b3d malyoon 8arn .. bs ehe ilmafrooth tkoon 7ag il dawla mo KFH

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  7. Noura Says:

    I just want to complain my neighbor whom I noticed that more than 20 persons are living in room 416. It was very noisy, the rubbish rooms are always dirty because a lot of people are cooking in different ways and it smells so stinky. Also from the outside of the wall looks like old because the paints are gone because of the moist from the water that more than 20 persons using everyday. I’m wondering how the management can tolerate this kind of acts.

    I urge the management and staff to do something on the matter or else you will lose some tenants for the same complaints.

    I’m just concerned what will be the outcome if they still ruining the nice image of Al Muthanna Complex.

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