Safari on the iPad

Fri, Feb 26 2010 03:58 PM

Buzberry on iPad

I downloaded the iPhone 3.2 SDK which included the new iPad simulator. The main reason I downloaded the new SDK is because I wanted to try Safari on the iPad. I always had hope that we will one day see flash on the iPhone, but after the iPad announcement, it’s clear that there is some kind of war going on between Steve Jobs and Adobe(the creators of flash). Steve Jobs believes that most bugs that are generated while browsing the web are from flash. In addition, Jobs said that running flash on the iPad would cut down the battery life from 10 hours all the way down to around 1.5 hours! Finally, he described the guys at Adobe as being ‘lazy’ because they didn’t enhance the technology enough and he also considers flash as a dying technology.  Anyway, flash is not supported on the iPad, however, Safari on the iPad supports Html5 which what some people believe is going to eventually replace flash. Html5 is considered to be much more efficient than flash and is capable of playing videos too. In fact, Youtube, and Vimeo announced that they are in the process of converting their videos from flash to Html5. Unlike the iPhone, websites recognize the iPad browser as a full browser and not as a mobile browser. Although you still cannot write/type Arabic, Safari can read Arabic normally. Have a look at the screen shots below.

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  1. 2t Says:

    thanks FAH! its really interesting! i cant wait to get my hands on an iPad!! i go with everything steve jobs says! adobe should really work on their stuff and try and make it better! i mean there is very little improvement! and plus the prices are sky high!!!!!!
    by the way i really enjoy your blog! you guys keep me posted on the happenings of the world :D

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  2. Meshal Says:

    Can you download stuff off the Internet?

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