Pinkberry’s Celebration

Sat, Feb 27 2010 08:23 PM

Pinkberry Kuwait

I passed by pinkberry today and noticed that they’ve added a small Kuwaiti flag on top of each cup as part of their celebration in the National and Liberation Day. I had to wait in line for around 15 minutes!! I ordered pomegranate icy yogurt with kiwi, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana and raspberry.. It was okay, I still believe that Napket’s icy yogurt tastes better, but unfortunately their machine wasn’t working today.

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New York to San Francisco

Fri, Feb 26 2010 10:13 PM

New York to San Francisco

My cousin is currently on his way from New York to San Francisco <— Yes he’s still on his way. He’s flying Virgin America which happen to have internet and live TV. He sent me some photos of the cool media system in the airplane so I thought of sharing it with you guys. The internet price is quite cheap, it costs $7.95 for the entire flight and the good thing is that both live TV and internet are available for all passengers and not only first class. Here are some photos.

He also sent me a short video which I just uploaded to Youtube.

Thanks cousin for the photos, have a safe trip and I hope you enjoy your stay in San Francisco. BTW, it’s his first time there so feel free to recommend him with good places/restaurants in San Fran;p

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Safari on the iPad

Fri, Feb 26 2010 03:58 PM

Buzberry on iPad

I downloaded the iPhone 3.2 SDK which included the new iPad simulator. The main reason I downloaded the new SDK is because I wanted to try Safari on the iPad. I always had hope that we will one day see flash on the iPhone, but after the iPad announcement, it’s clear that there is some kind of war going on between Steve Jobs and Adobe(the creators of flash). Steve Jobs believes that most bugs that are generated while browsing the web are from flash. In addition, Jobs said that running flash on the iPad would cut down the battery life from 10 hours all the way down to around 1.5 hours! Finally, he described the guys at Adobe as being ‘lazy’ because they didn’t enhance the technology enough and he also considers flash as a dying technology.  Anyway, flash is not supported on the iPad, however, Safari on the iPad supports Html5 which what some people believe is going to eventually replace flash. Html5 is considered to be much more efficient than flash and is capable of playing videos too. In fact, Youtube, and Vimeo announced that they are in the process of converting their videos from flash to Html5. Unlike the iPhone, websites recognize the iPad browser as a full browser and not as a mobile browser. Although you still cannot write/type Arabic, Safari can read Arabic normally. Have a look at the screen shots below.

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Happy National & Liberation Day

Thu, Feb 25 2010 10:35 AM

Happy National & Liberation Day

We would like to wish you all a happy Liberation & Independence Day. Although the weather was a bit dusty last night, we managed to grab some photos of the decorated buildings in Kuwait City. Just like last year, the Ministry of Information looks like a night club. Here are some more photos. Enjoy the break and remember to be safe:)

Buzberry Team

Cafe Younes 1935

Wed, Feb 24 2010 11:00 AM

IMG_0261 copy

Cafe Younes is one of the oldest coffee shops in Beirut. Started in 1935, Younes Cafe (a coffee roaster) is considered the first in downtown Beirut. Today, Cafe Younes is a coffee place dedicated for dozens of coffee blends, coffee, and nothing but coffee. Everything you desire can be found; from the concentrated Turkish, Brazilian, Colombian coffees, to mild, and even decaf coffee selections. Up till this date, I have never tried a better Cafe latté my entire life which is better than the one offered there.

Amin Younes, the grandson of Amin Younes the establish-er, (who happens to be the co-owner of the late Coffee House and also a Lebanese Blogger to my surprise ), now in his mid-forties, runs Cafe Younes and the younger Cafe Younes Gourmet. I met Amin during my last visit and had a small chat with him, he was very welcoming (as I know him back from the Coffee House days), and did not mind me taking photos at all.

IMG_0290 copy

Cafe Younes Gourmet on the other hand, is a modern version of Cafe Younes with a trendy/hip touch. Apart from the modern coffee blends offered, they also have AMAZING pancakes and other delicious sandwiches. It’s an amazing place where for some reason all the people visiting mind their own businesses and are surprisingly down-to-earth; unlike the Starbuck’s costumers with their show-off mode 24/7. You will find teenagers with laptops there, you will also find old people with newspapers napping on the couches inside (just as I saw last time), and you will probably see random people playing the piano.

If you are on your way to Beirut, just like many people I know, including the fat guy sitting next to me, I’d be thankful if you got me coffee, not the brewed drink, but the roasted beans!


TSC opening in Jabriya!

Wed, Feb 24 2010 09:36 AM


How about we swap all the co-op supermarkets in Kuwait with Sultan Center? I swear if TSC benefits from government subsidies it will by far be the best thing that happened to Kuwait since 26/02/1991. Anyway. So finally we’re getting a Sultan Center in Jabriya, starting from today, 4pm. It will be located in Block 12 (Behind New English School).




The Advantages of ditching work

Tue, Feb 23 2010 03:17 PM


This was taken from “al Jarida” – yesterday’s issue. And it simply says (for non-Arabs): 5,000 government employees did not show up for work starting yesterday (Sunday 21/2/2010).

Now the benefits of ditching work are very obvious, most of you know them, but let me share my thoughts with you. First of all, you get to sleep as much as you wish, no more showing up late to work (in their case). In addition, the work-flow at the respective government becomes efficient, as there are no people to obstruct the circulation of documents. Above all, you get a paid-leave; but wait they didn’t apply for a leave, they just ditched work and they are getting paid for doing so.

Another thing worth mentioning before shifting to the disadvantages, is that the report on the newspaper stated that many students also went missing from school, which had forced a couple of public and private schools to postpone midterms until the break is over.

So there are two major disadvantages for not ditching work. One is that you obviously have to crawl out of bed before the sun is out to drop off the kids to school and head to work. Another is that ordinary people (like you the reader) will suffer from avoidable traffic at governments and will have a hard time finding parking spaces all over Kuwait in the morning; not to mention that if you have work to be done at a governmental institute, it will take you hours and days of continuous Bureaucracy - all because people who are supposed to ditch work didn’t.    

So well done guys. Ditching one day to add it with your long weekend isn’t enough; taking the whole week off without applying for a leave is the perfect thing to do.

On a lighter note (as suspic says), The Civil Service Commission (Bureau), has warned that it will be checking with airport and borders officials all the names of missing employees. In case any suspect appears to be traveling , then they will get slap on their bottoms. In addition, physicians who appear to have signed fake sick leaves, will be fined and even fired if they get busted.

We’ll see if that happens!  

Just wanted to get it out of my system!


His Name is Khan

Mon, Feb 22 2010 04:01 PM

My name is khan

This by far one of the most un-Indian movies I’ve ever seen.

Shah-Rukh Khan and Kajol team up once again to give the fans a new/rare identity of Bollywood. Most Bollywood productions are love stories with endless music and songs included. However, this time they have literally shocked the world with this movie, as they tackle critical issues in our world such as autism, prejedice, anti-terrorism, Islam, racial profiling, and more. The film talks about the life of Rizwan Khan, an Indian who comes from a middle class family living in Mumbai. Suffering from Asperger’s syndrome (autisim), a disorder which makes it difficult for people to interact socially, Rizwan challenges the world to redifine the American dream.

Shah Rukh Khan has put an amazing preformance, I really think he even has to be nominated for an Oscar or something. What really is even more electrifying is the fact that “My Name Is Khan” made a record appearance in the UK top 10 Box Office! – BBC link

One thing worth noting: When did we start having intervals halfway through movies? Yesterday’s movie had one, but it was hell of a movie!


The answer to many prayers

Mon, Feb 22 2010 11:17 AM

The answer to many prayers

The act of doing laundry in many of the developing countries is a lot of effort. The problem is that most people in that countries can’t afford buying washing machines so they really struggle when it comes to washing clothes. Therefore, someone came up with this interesting idea which is called Swirl easy laundry. It’s basically a ball that’s connected to a steel handle where users can place their clothes in. The user can then add water into the ball and start washing clothes by simply rotating or moving the ball back and forth. Swirl aims in this project to enhance the relation between women and children by making washing clothes something fun. I liked the idea, but don’t get too excited, the swirl easy laundry is just a concept. Click here for more info.

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Sharapova is Back

Mon, Feb 22 2010 10:35 AM


I think Maria Sharapova is back! Last night she came back on track by wining the WTA Memphis title, jumping 3 places on the world ranking to reach 13th. Sharapova was once ranked world number one, as she was the hottest teenager in world tennis, winning her first Grand Slam at Wimbeldon when she was only 17 years old. Two years later she goes on to win the US Open, and 2 years after that she adds the Australian Open back in 2008. Again, two years later (2010), I would bet she is on for another Grand Slam, let’s all hope its the French Open this time.


What are you watching?

Sun, Feb 21 2010 10:18 PM

TV Shows

I hate when I have nothing to watch! I finished watching The Office, Brothers & Sisters, and Grey’s Anatomy. So far out of those three TV shows, I liked Brothers & Sisters the most. Although it’s a classic story that talks about problems within family members, I think that it’s very well written. I never imagined that I’ll be attached to it. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorites shows too. It’s always nice to know more about the doctors lives. I also liked the characters and the different personalities in the show. Of course, The Office is currently the best comedy show. Steve Carell just kills me with his stupid jokes!! Oh.. and I was also watching 24 season 7, but I stopped it because I hated how they brought Tony Almeida back to life.. The scenario was too hard to believe!! Now sadly, I have nothing left to watch! Tell me.. What are you watching?

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Schumi is one Stig!

Sun, Feb 21 2010 02:24 PM


This is outdated considering the fact that BBC aired this episode six months ago. However, it was Top Gear’s season 13 opener and it was on TV yesterday on MBC Action. For you who haven’t seen it yet, sorry, but the Stig was on Top Gear’s couch, only to remove his helmet and shock the world: It is Michael Schumacher.

To my understanding the word “Stig” is the most searched word on the Internet, and to all of Top Gear followers, you really know deep inside that there are (were) at least a dozen of Stigs throughout the 13 seasons of production. Schumi is truly one of those Stigs, but many believe that he was appointed only to drive the Ferrari FXX  on the show, which Ferrari do not trust anyone apart from Schumi behind its wheels.

It was a shock to me. But I don’t think it is true. Read the article here which best explains the Stig’s issue.


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