Mudroom project

Mon, Feb 10 2014 09:54 AM

The English call it something else, perhaps refer to it as a cloakroom or an entryway. A mudroom can simply be a bench with hangers and a shelf on top, all located just at the door of any home. As soon as you walk indoors, have seat and get rid of your shoes, jacket, umbrella, keys, bag, and every other thing that clutters your living room. I’ve noticed that my patters requires something similar, because I end up parking my shoes in one place, wallet and key in another, and jackets elsewhere. So I decided to make my own mudroom from scratch. My mudroom is almost done and I’ll be sharing my latest DIY project with you soon!



Tue, May 28 2013 02:46 PM


I’ve seen a many businesses in this location pass by so far throughout my life. As far as I recall there was a restaurant called Panini. Recently it was Zero Degrees. With a huge face-lift it’s now Atari!

We passed by for the soft opening last week to try out their dishes, but they didn’t have any! They had tapas and this is exactly what this society lived on for decades. We’ve always wanted to share food, not share “our” food with people but in fact have a greater variety of dishes on one table so we can have a bite of everything available. Isn’t that very practical?

Atari, not the gaming console, is exactly what you wished for. Cold tapas and hot tapas for you and the company; all wrapped up in a cozy location on Seif Strip beside Slider Station. I honestly loved the interior design of the place. The guys are currently on soft launch mode. Give them a couple and pass by to try their food – the Japanese Pizza precisely.


Houzz Dreaming

Thu, Jan 3 2013 08:37 AM


The term “daydreaming” usually is accompanied with “gazing out the window,” because that’s what I learned to do during school. Nowadays not everyone is privileged to have something decent to look at from the window, let alone the window itself.

Welcome to Houzz! It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, designer, or even the average loser; daydreaming never ends with Houzz. With almost 1 million photos on living rooms, bedrooms, closets, gardens, garages, pools, porches, you name it, you’ll want to create and save your own IdeaBook – which you can!

Houzz is simply a online platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish, it brings homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.

So why don’t you start downloading! It’s FREE!

NYC’s Hidden Subway

Mon, Jul 16 2012 09:41 AM

The City Hall Subway station in New York is supposedly shutdown for a long time now, unless you stayed on the 6 train for long enough. The station which I just knew was 100+ years old was under-construction to be restored as a pass-through museum still didn’t see light.

It took me a couple of days to understand how the NYC Subway system works. I do recall once getting on the 6 train by mistake and got to the Brooklyn Bridge which is presumably the last station on the 6 line. Well not quite the last one. If you stay on that train, what happens is that it goes for a U-turn around City Hall station and back at Brooklyn Bridge as the first station on the journey.

Try it next time you’re there! Link


Kaftan (دراعه) Season

Thu, Apr 26 2012 01:30 PM

Everyone (ladies, girls, women, females) is talking about kaftans these days. Why are they? Because they think Ramadan is around the corner when its 3 months away; or one quarter of a year. Why do they even wear them only in Ramadan? I have no idea. I feel they could be worn all year long especially that they are considered traditional Kuwaiti attire. Why aren’t they sold/bought all year long? Because people like to take advantage of everything and this is what I would want to talk about more.

See I believe that kaftans have a high season and a low season, just like strawberries and mangoes. However, strawberries and mangoes are bound to a season because they only grow in that particular season. On the other hand, the prices of kaftans only grow before Ramadan, which is what I don’t get. No one makes or sells kaftans in the off-season? Well go figure out why. If I had the slightest idea about kaftans, I’d open up a business right now and start selling right after Ramadan. I know people will start jumping into comments saying “fashion, trends, designs that are in, others that are outdated.”

Well guess what, I learned from life that ladies dress to impress and let’s hope the target is to impress the opposite sex. Being a member of the latter group, I still love the traditional/vintage kaftans I see on aunts and grandparents during Ramadan because that’s what the whole atmosphere is about. When it comes to those new designs, then I can’t help you out, just get them before they’re sold for triple what they even cost.


Avenues Phase 3

Sun, Mar 25 2012 12:38 PM

Mabanee’s PR department invited a group of bloggers yesterday to give them a tour of Avenues phase 3- or the best phase yet..! Phase 3 is designed to look like an indoor city.. You’ll get the outdoor shopping feeling yet everything is indoors. There is what they call the Grand Avenue(picture above) which is considered to be the main street where Harvey Nichols and many other prime stores will be located. There be an area located right next to the Grand Avenue street called Prestige and that’s where all the high end shops are going to be located. Grand View is the main streets but it’s going to be more like Oxford street..

In addition, there will be some other casual streets such as Soko or Kuwait’s Soho. From the bricks that they used, you can feel that the place will end up feeling like Soho and Meatpacking district in New York- The new Soccer Scene will be located there.

Finally, the old souk and the gold market area.. The streets are very narrow. Expects shops that sell textile, dates, and maybe some Kuwaiti antiques to be placed in that area.

And here is the gold market…

The avenues phase 3 is expected to be done by September 2012. There will be 2 basement parkings that can hold up to 5000 cars and a new valet drop off area. Oh and cheesecake factory will be opening in phase 3 as well. That’s it, I’ll leave you with some more photos.



Fri, Dec 30 2011 01:29 AM

Basma13cups and I were invited to try-out Ubon,  a Thai restaurant soon to open up in the city. I’m excited that cooler places are opening up in Kuwait. Hats-off for the owners (Dawood & Rashed) for putting the place together. I understand that both are architects, so you could imagine how the place looks like from the inside.

We went for dinner on Monday night and on the way there I was trying to imagine what’s Thai food all about (after all I’m not a fan of ‘Asian’ (South East) cuisine. I was running in circles out of joy when I associated Ubon to Busaba Eathai !

Now I knew what’s Thai food. If you’d like to know too, stick around as I’ll be posting the review tonight, and most importantly Basma (the food expert) will be reviewing it too!


I thought it was easier for me and the readers to watch this video for photos; actually it was quite a hassle to put the video together as editing was never over.

The special dishes featuring in that video were Jumbo prawns (shrimp – whatever you call it), pad Thai, Pineapple steamed/fired rice, Chicken covered with banana leaves. By the end of this sentence I guess you all knew I had no idea what I was eating, but if you at least know me, you do know how much I appreciate food.

The Jumbo prawns were fantastic, and the pineapple rice was something to die for –  no joke. What was even more fantastic was how the guys expected criticism from our side. Basma and I were firing at them! Not because there was something wrong, but because we wanted it to be even more better. We do have this issue with hot pepper and spices, we always wanted to feel them more in food; but hey not everyone can. So the serving went on, and on, and on. Until the green curry showed up.

Don’t tell the owners this, but I’m planning to order the green curry to have it with rice at home, I guess it’s the perfect, with our traditional machboos.

I’m not that of a food expert, so I’ll just give the mic to Basma at to do the food review.

The place is awesome, loved the design and you’ll love it too! Doors expected around first week of January.

See you there.


THIS toothbrush

Sun, Jan 30 2011 03:06 PM

Leen Sadder, a Lebanese design student at the  School of Visual Arts who came up with this creative packaging to promote the MISWAK as an organic and biodegradable alternative to the normal western toothbrush. MISWAK is a tooth-cleaning twig which is mainly used in Middle Eastern countries. The biggest challenge that Leen is currently facing is how she could market this toothbrush to the American audience. Note that this toothbrush is intended to replace both the ‘classic western toothbrush’ and the toothpaste!

via core77


Inside the Consumers’ Brain

Thu, Oct 28 2010 08:00 AM

Remember our previous post on the hate messages directed toward the new GAP logo. Well now there is neuroscientific evidence to back that up ! Neurofocus, Inc. , a leading US neuromarketing consultancy, just recently finished a study on why the new GAP logo failed. Neurofocus attributes the failure of the new GAP logo to the Brain’s interpretation of the font overlay, contrast, sharp letter edges, semantics, and brand’s legacy.

For more details click here for the Reuters’ article


GAP – Rethinks the Logo

Sun, Oct 17 2010 09:31 AM

I don’t know whether or not you all heard, but on October 4th Gap decided to launch its new logo on their website – little did they know. Gap was immediately attacked by hate messages concerning the new logo. Seriously what were they thinking?? EWW!! It’s horrible..

What do you think of they new logo?

P.S. After all the hate messages – Gap will not be using their new logo. Hallelujah!

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Silver Arrow wristwatch

Thu, Jul 22 2010 10:47 AM

Okay don’t get too excited, it’s just a concept- but I actually liked this concept. I think it’s cool to have a watch that matches your car. That’s what French designer Faibein Cacheux tried to do with the Silver Arrow concept wristwatch. He designed a watch to collaborate with the SLS AMG Gullwing. His plan is to add a button in the watch to remotely open the car doors! The watch comes in both black and white, but again it’s only a concept. Click here to read more and view more pics.

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Radio Ball

Mon, May 31 2010 12:33 PM

You can now switch from one radio station to another by simply moving the ball around. The Radio Ball prototype is built in a very short frame of time by Teague’s  Benoit Collette and Adam Kumpf  and it’s meant to be the starting point of more spatial interaction ideas. Check out the video below to get an idea on how the the radio ball works. It’s pretty cool. iPad & iPhone viewers click here.

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