Develop iPhone apps

Mon, Feb 14 2011 11:22 AM

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop iPhone and iPad apps? Well this might be the perfect time for you. There will be an intensive 7 day course in Kuwait where a couple of experienced iOS developers are going to give lectures on how develop apps. The course will take place at the Holiday Inn hotel in Salmiya from 6-12 March 2011. Hurry, sign up now limited seats available. For more info, call +965 65671800, or +965 65532857. Or you can email them

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Whatsapp Group Chat

Thu, Feb 10 2011 08:21 AM

Whatsapp for iPhone has just been updated to include Group chat. The group chat allows up to 5 participants to have a conversation at the same time. You can grab the update now from the App Store!


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twitter is different

Mon, Jan 31 2011 10:20 AM

I’m probably not a fan of FaceBook, MSN, IRC, BBM, and all the other social networks, but I have to admit that twitter is different. Twitter is so much fun and unlike the other social networks it’s not designed to chat or have useless conversations with friends. Instead, twitter is designed to be informative and to the point! That’s what I love about it! For those of you who still don’t have a twitter account, I highly advise you to sign up for one now.

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Buzberry App new update

Sat, Jan 8 2011 02:08 PM

A new version of the Buzberry app has been released yesterday. The new update supports multi-tasking and fast app switching. In addition, we have fixed the issue with the comments and the search results. The app is available on the App Store so go ahead and download it or update your current version!

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in two days..

Tue, Jan 4 2011 11:46 AM

Mac fans will like this. After the success of the App Store on the iPhone and iPad, Apple is now going to release an App Store for the Mac. The Mac App Store will be just like the App Store on the iOS devices except that it’ll hold Mac apps only. This option will probably make it easier for people to find, download, and update their apps and it will also be easier for small developers to develop apps for the Mac and reach more customers. The Mac App Store will launch on the 6th of January and you’ll be able to download it from Apple’s website. Click here for more info.


Best 10 in 2010

Mon, Dec 27 2010 11:45 AM

Just like the previous year, it’s time to share with you the best iOS apps for 2010. Some of the apps were on my list last year.

1- Whatsapp: Although it’s a bit buggy lately, I highly depend on this app. Whatsapp is currently the best chatting client available on the iPhone. It’s also available now on other platforms such as the Blackberry and Android. $0.99

2- Twitter: At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea behind twitter. I’m now very attached to it. I don’t tweet as much. I just like to follow people. Free

3- Angry Birds: Please! Who doesn’t play Angry Birds? The most annoying, yet addictive game on the App Store $0.99

4- Viber: Now Viber is kind of the new whatsapp, however it’s dedicated for voice calling. You can call whoever is in your phone book and has viber. It’s for free and just like whatsapp and FaceTime, your phone number is your ID- no need to subscribe and you don’t need a unique username. Quite simple. Free

5- O Player: This app opens almost any media format. Many people still don’t know that you can open wmv and rm attachments on the iPhone and iPad! O player can do that for you, but you need to upgrade to iOS 4.0 or higher. $2.99

6- Remote: If you are one of those people who uses their Apple TV’s a lot then I guess your going to like the new Remote app. It allows you to control your Apple TV and your iTunes library from your iPhone or iPad. You need wifi connection to connect. Free

7- 4 Shared: This app will let you stream music from You can create your own custom playlists, but again you need internet cuz this app is all about streaming. The content is pretty good. You can find almost any song- including Arabic songs too. Free

8- TV U: I use this app to stream live channels. There are many local channels that you can watch on TV U such as Al Watan TV, Al Rai, KTV, Funoon, and more. The streaming quality is excellent. $4.99

9. Eurosport: This app was just updated to include push notifications. It notifies you with the latest scores and unlike other sport apps, the Eurosport push notification service is fast. Free

10. iFiles: Many times especially when I’m on my iPad I get zip attachments or sometimes even I want to send compressed files. iFiles opens zip attachments and can also send zip files. What I love about this app is it allows you to collect many files such as photos, audio, videos, docs, etc and put them all in one file and send them or save them in the app itself for future use. $2.99


Overall, I have to admit that iOS 4.0 filled in many gaps and allowed many apps to shine.  Feel free to share your thoughts!


My Gulf Car- App

Sun, Nov 21 2010 09:40 PM

So if you are planning to buy or sell a car then you might want to have a look at Literally, it’s one of the best online Auto websites in the region. Their services are currently offered in Kuwait and UAE, but they are also planning to add some other countries down the road. Now the interesting part is that they have just released a cool clean iPhone app. Here, check it out!


Skyfire- no thanks

Thu, Nov 4 2010 11:15 AM

So there is this new browser at the app store called Skyfire that converts flash videos to html5 for the iPhone/iPad. Although I didn’t miss flash videos, I decided to try Skyfire. As you can see from the image above, Skyfire detects if there is any flash video in the page and offer you to watch it in Html5. The process takes around 10-15 seconds which I believe is a lot.. The other thing I didn’t like is that I can’t rewind or forward what I’m watching. Overall, it’s not convenient.

Note:  Flash animation or flash based websites are not supported- it’s just the videos.

Note 2: Skyfire is temporarily unavailable for download


Zain app

Tue, Nov 2 2010 08:09 AM

Oooh this is cool! Zain just released their iPhone app. I’m not a Zain user so I couldn’t use the app, but from the screenshots that I saw, the app looks quite good! Here is the link for the app.

I still don’t get why the iPhone isn’t officially available in Kuwait!


CNN covers Al Zanki

Wed, Oct 6 2010 08:47 AM

He’s already a celebrity in Kuwait. Now CNN interviews Abdulrahman Al Zanki, the 14-year old iPhone app developer.

I don’t really like playing games on the iPhone or any other device, I get bored
 –Abdulrahman Alzanki, teen programmer

Link for CNN article

note: That article is the #1 most EMAILED link from CNN today!


Tip: Attachments in iOS 4

Sat, Aug 14 2010 02:19 PM

One of my favorite features in iOS 4.0 is the fact that we can open attachments in 3rd party applications.

What does this mean?

It means that we can now open new formats such as wmv, rm(real player), zip files, and many more. I’m sure that many people receive wmv attachments and they can’t view them on their iPhone or iPad. Well now you can without even jail breaking your phone!


Again because iOS 4 allows us to open attachment in 3rd party apps, all you have to do is install an app that support the file that you want to access. For example, you can install OPlayer to view wmv and rm files. When you install OPlayer, you will notice that the OPlayer logo will appear on the wmv attachment in mail(photo in gallery). Click on the attachment for around 2 seconds and then choose open in OPlayer. Make sure to choose open in OPlayer otherwise the attachment won’t open. The same idea applies to other formats. You can open .zip files in other apps like iUnarchive. Try it!

Note: If you opened the video with OPlayer and it didn’t load automatically, you will find it in File-My Documents, Inbox. You can then play it from there.

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Running in Background

Thu, Jul 22 2010 10:07 AM

I have been waiting for this to happen! Skype released an update last night to enable their iPhone app to run in background and benefit from the iOS 4 multitasking feature. What does this mean? It means that you can now be connected to Skype 24/7 and receive free calls even if you exited the app. All you need is an internet connection. It works both on wifi and 3G. What’s even more interesting is that Skype decided not charge the iPhone users additional fees. They had a plan previously to charge some fees starting August 2010, but now they will no longer do that. Finally, for some reason wataniya users are facing some issues with this new update. The app doesn’t run in background properly. They also have some old issues with the push notifications.

One more thing….

Don’t tell anyone, but Skype is not blocked on the iPhone;p

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