The Vuvuzela Song

Fri, Jun 18 2010 08:00 PM

The most annoying instrument ever created. You can’t miss it, very hilarious!

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MJ comming to Cirque du Soleil

Thu, Apr 22 2010 01:13 PM

MJ + Cirque du Soleil

Los Angeles (April 20, 2010) – Two great forces in entertainment have combined with the announcement of an unprecedented arrangement between The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil for the creation, development, production and promotion of Michael Jackson projects, featuring touring and permanent shows, based on the music and songs of Michael Jackson.

The first of these projects will be an arena-touring show in which fans will experience the excitement of a Michael Jackson concert, expected to debut in late Fall 2011. The second project will be a Las Vegas permanent show, in partnership with MGM MIRAGE , is expected to open in late 2012 – coinciding with the opening of a nightclub by the same parties involved.


Alicia Keys Before Kick-off

Thu, Mar 18 2010 10:35 AM


Alicia Keys, Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, along with a couple of African artists will perform on the eve of the World Cup (June 10) in  South Africa’s biggest black township Soweto. The proceeds of the concert will be used to build 20 centers around Africa for health care, education, and of course football.

It would be great if the proceeds of the ’Layali Febrayer’ concerts in Kuwait were used to fix Jaber Stadium, or offer decent soccer pitches for the public.


the Yann Tiersen Tune

Tue, Dec 22 2009 02:39 PM


A youtuber called OuiCestBon played the Yann Tiersen tune from Amelie using six iPhones. So why did Mr. OuiCestBon play this tune using six iPhones? Well because he wanted to draw attention to the El Desafio Foundation (the Challenge Foundation). The mission of this charity is improve the quality of life of the children that live between vulnerable groups in Argentina. Note that the first 25 seconds of the clip was a set up.

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Review: This is it movie

Thu, Oct 29 2009 12:42 PM

This is it

Last night, I watched Michael Jackson’s “This is it” movie at the IMAX theatre in 360 mall. It’s a 2 hour movie where you get to watch MJ’s last rehearsals for his final tour “This is it.” I was amazed by the preparations and the hard effort that was put in the rehearsals; they certainly wanted it to be something huge. They change the background of the stage for almost every song. The stage preparations for thriller and smooth criminal were astonishing. Now most importantly, Michael Jackson looked normal during his rehearsals. He didn’t loose his moves; he can still dance and the music was live and not play back.

Overall, it was worth watching the movie. It’s in theatres for two weeks only.

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Liking Mix FM

Thu, Oct 29 2009 08:25 AM

mix fm

I’ve been a fan of Mix FM (98.4) lately. It’s good they don’t give you headaches with lame anchors from the morning. All I got was Fairouz with a bit of Majida El Roumi. What I liked is the “insa el 3aj’a ma3 Mix FM” phrases which are played between songs.


Note: The Fairouz hour ends @8am.

Fairouz Back in 2010?

Tue, Oct 27 2009 03:12 PM


A friend of mine, working at one of the Middle East  TV/production big shots, told me a while ago that Fairouz is in currently working on a new album - probably her farewell album! My friend also told me that he heard that it is an album that “would shame all of her previous albums.”

Can’t wait if this is ture!


Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette”

Wed, Oct 21 2009 08:56 AM


I just heard this song on the (MIX FM 98.4) radio! I didn’t know that Rihanna is releasing a new album called “Rated R” in about a month; but what surprised me is that MIX FM were able to supply “Russian Roulette” track within hours after the leak/release!

Acoording to the WSJ, Russian Roulette might have something to do with her relationship with ex.boyfirend Chris Brown.

Loved the song. Listen to it here!


Credit Crunch..

Mon, Aug 3 2009 09:30 AM


On the 8th of January 2009, I used to have $816.74 in my iTunes account. Today, I only have $13.60 left. I noticed that I have spent more than $800 in the iTunes store in less than 8 months; which means that I spend around $100 every month! So.. what did I buy with $800?

272 application for iPhone & iPod Touch

169 songs + music albums

23 TV shows

3 movies

2 iPod Touch software updates

Just to make things look better, I got the $800 worth of iTunes credit for only $160 from  Sadly, this offer no longer exists!!

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Rock Your Sliders!

Wed, Jun 3 2009 01:28 PM


So I had lunch at Slider’s on Monday, then went on to have dinner the next day!

I was told about the iTunes Library on Wifi installed at Slider Station. Super amazing. So the next time you give them a visit ask for “the iPod” and the staff will provide you with an iPod Touch which has the Slider Station library; you can request a song, vote for it, and the song will be played.


What’s even super-cool is that you can use your own iPod and of course your iPHONE! All you have to do is install Remote applicationfrom the App Store for free. Then while you are there waiting for your food, join Slider Station’s Wifi network through your device’s settings.


Joining from your own device is easy, as I told you just connect to Slider’s Wifi network, then open up Remote application. You’ll be asked to join a network (library) when you start up the app. Click on Slider’s library, wait for a second and you are in.

It’s amazing how you have a calm playlist for the afternoon, and then a different one at night. I think you should try it, and I’m sure when people get used to it we will see more voting action going on.

A friend asked me, “you mean one day you’ll be able to control/request songs in bars and nightclubs?”


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