Ramadan Kareem

Mon, Aug 1 2011 10:49 AM

Eat less, pray more, forgive, forget, remember, greet, smile, love, clean up, connect, inspire… Ramadan Kareem:)

P.S. We have uploaded the Fajer & Maghreb prayer times on the side Bar!

Buzberry Team

Sun, Jun 19 2011 09:12 AM

A while ago I heard about this Mosque which had the Friday prayer (sermon) in English. It sounded pretty interesting, so I went for a trial.

Before I reached there I was imagining what it could be like. Scenarios that crossed my mind included a Kuwaiti Imam lecturing in the Kuwaiti-English accent, “You see my brothers – Ya’2ni (Ya3ni) – we have to … .” Or I thought it might be the Egyptian-English Accent of “Zis and Zat” (this and that).

So none of my scenarios were right. As I entered the mosque, I realized that the Imam was of an African nationality, and articulated excellent Arabic and English! What was really amazing is the effort he (the Imam) puts forward, stating Qur’an phrases or other quotes in Arabic then going on to translate them into English and ending by the message was his way of lecturing. So if you spoke only Arabic or English you wouldn’t face any difficulty understanding. Now although the Imam was quoting phrases, translating, and lecturing over and over again all at once, he did not have any paper in front of him! It was really stunning! I also tried my best to try to translate the Arabic phrases he spoke before he started translating: could not beat the guy – not in speed nor the choice of words.

Astonishing performance. If I had the chance to go back again I would definietly do so because it’s a really unique experience and way different from Imams that keep on yelling or the other ones that keep you day-dreaming.

Mosque is located on Gulf Road just after the National Assembly.


Violations in the last 24 hrs.

Mon, May 16 2011 12:47 PM

The Ministry of Interior (in the form of police vehicles) has failed yet again to not only abide with the law, but also set an example for people. Last night a police car from the Traffic department decided to park over the side curb at Coffee Bean Seif Palace, right in the middle in front of the seating area. If you were wondering, nothing was going on at Seif Palace last night, not to mention how the damage he caused the car as he came off the side curb (I have it on video!) 

Another guy decided this morning it was okay to park where a clear sign tells you that your car will be towed. Instead of towing other cars, he just joined the party (1st photo on top).

Sorry for the poor quality photos.

Credit for SRK (guy on the left – 3rd photo)


Twitter dashboard by Al Jazeera

Wed, Mar 9 2011 11:26 AM

Al Jazeera  launched a twitter dashboard that shows the daily the number of tweets about the political developments in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain. So far, most of the tweets are still about Egypt with around 42 tweets per minute, where Libya comes in second place at about 38 tweets per minute, Bahrain in third place at 14 tweets, and finally Yemen at around 10 tweets per minute. Click here to checkout the dashboard.

via HalaWala


Kanellos of Athens

Mon, Mar 7 2011 11:40 AM

According to the Guardian, this dog has showed up in most of the national protests in Athens over the past 2 years. Kanellos, the dog, joined the gang once again during recent protests!

More photos at the Guardian.

Thanks BoM7md


Nadia’s Eye on Egypt

Sun, Feb 6 2011 11:12 AM

Nadia Ahmad, a producer working in Kuwait, was on a work trip in Egypt when the people revolted. She was very kind to  share with us her videos and photos.

I hope all is well with all of you. I was recently in Cairo producing a performance of a youth theatre group I manage from Kuwait and got caught in the middle of the protests which were happening literally outside my door, I couldn’t help but take some photos and some videos of what was happening inside Tahrir Square and the stories of the protesters. I’ve put together a few videos of my experience there that I would like to share with you and maybe you can share with some of your friends so the world can hear directly from the Egyptian people. For anyone with contacts with the media who could use these videos, I have all the original video clips untouched and I’m willing to share.

The photos below are also taken by Nadia.

Here are two videos shot by Nadia as well. Video 1 , Video 2



Sun, Jan 30 2011 09:25 AM

With all what’s happening in Egypt, do you think the current President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak should resign? Will the situation get better if he resigns?

Apparently, what’s happening in Egypt has a negative impact on other countries in the region. Yesterday we witnessed a huge drop in the Saudi stock market and now the Kuwaiti stock exchange had just opened with the weighted index almost 15 points down..

Would love to hear your thoughts..


Everybody Knows Everything

Wed, Dec 29 2010 12:58 PM

I am not sure if you’ll agree with me on this, but I came to a conclusion lately that everybody here tends to know almost everything. What I mean by everything is that everybody seems capable of talking about any topic. The same person can talk and analyze what’s going on in politics, business, sports, environment, etc. and this is not only the average person on the street that does it, even people on TV. One day he is interviewed as a financial analyst, the day after he’s at a political rally commenting as a political consultant!  

Do we really know everything?! I mean when it comes to cars, they can talk about the engine and the exhaust system in details. When it comes to sports, they know all the tactics. When it comes to the Dow petrochemical deal, they know everything about it. When it comes to “nabeeha khams” (campaign for re-distribution of the electoral districts in Kuwait from 25 to 5) we all wanted it ”nabeeha khams” because that’s going to solve everything. Of course now everybody wants Kuwait to be one electoral district.

Do we really know everything?


I hope they are not needed

Tue, Dec 28 2010 12:01 PM

Of course, I hope they are not needed, but just incase something happens Special Forces seem to be ready to interfere.

UPDATED the photos

Thanks for the photos SRK


Alone Out There

Tue, Dec 14 2010 04:18 PM

We are not here to speculate whether the National Assembly will be dissolved or not, after all it isn’t my call, nor it is FAH’s, or yours. We’re not even going to waste time and take sides even though we might agree a bit with one party or the other.

Over the past couple of weeks many events (including the aftermath-s-) happened in Kuwait and outside Kuwait which has left many of us disgusted. I don’t know if that was the end or not, but I am feeling that I’m alone out there. Whether you think what happened was overrated or not is your call. I would like to know your point of view, and above all whether I’m alone out there or not!

The truth is always underrated.. or overrated.


A useless peice of art?

Wed, Nov 3 2010 08:31 AM

Standing about 2,000 feet high in the skies of Holy Mecca, shines the $800 million largest clock in the world – 5 times the size of Big Ben). Many of you already know about it if not recently been there. The tower which boasts “Allah the Greatest” on the top had cost the Saudi’s $3 billion to build and will have the largest floor area structure with 1.5 million sq meters (271 American Football fields).

Now although $800 million (clock only) is popcorn compared to Saudi, many people have argued that it could have been spent somewhere else to benefit Muslims, especially the needy, and precisely in Mecca. What do You think?


From Berlin to Riga

Thu, Oct 21 2010 01:37 PM

I was reading the papers, as I rarely do, and stumbled on an article about Kuwait’s ambassador in Germany, Dr. Musaad Al-Haroun. He has now been assigned to be Kuwait’s ambassador in Latvia. I asked a friend/insider to understand the reason for this demotion, seeing that winter is approaching and Latvia is farther north on the Baltic Sea, only to find out that he will still be serving in Germany. Naturally, the first question that popped in my head was “Are they even neighbors?” It’s almost a 17 hour drive, one way, with 2 countries in between! It is like having a Germany’s ambassador to Kuwait be the ambassador to Oman simultaneously. Being a Kuwait’s ambassador in Germany is a full time job, considering all the Kuwaiti tourists, businessmen/women, and patients (3ilaj bil 5arij). Come on MOFA get your act together.


The only similar situation I have heard of is Nissan and Renault’s President and CEO Carlos Ghosn, who is running to multinationals in Japan, and France. Could Dr. Musaad Al-Haroun be our Carlos Ghosn? Only time will tell.


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