Mercedes-Maybach S600

Tue, Nov 25 2014 11:23 AM

It has been a while, but this Mercedes Maybach 6.0-liter V12 biturbo beast brought us back to life all of a sudden. I had a feeling that I was obliged to tell everyone about it the minute I saw it over on Instagram! Simply put, this the best S-Class you can ever get from Mercedes Benz. Have a look here.

I would imagine this will cost anything more than $200,000 in Kuwait.


Blood Donation Tips

Thu, Aug 14 2014 09:03 AM

There is nothing better I would think, than donating your own blood. It’s quite uplifting to see the mass in Kuwait have reacted towards the declared shortage at the Blood Bank by rushing to donate blood. Many of us including me have never donated blood. Feeling dizzy and faint is normal after donation, even sometimes during and after blood tests! Not everyone is likely to faint (except for me), but since less blood is available to circulate to the brain, chances of dizziness and fainting rise.

So here are some tips for you:

- Have plenty of fluids a day before donation; and a meal prior to donating blood;

- Tense and relax your foot and leg during donation to enhance blood circulation throughout your body;

- Relax for a while and have plenty of water/juice before you walk out of the donation room/center;

- Avoid strenuous exercises, rushing efforts, hot showers during the day.

Remember that your blood volume needs time to adjust before you can go back to 100% normal activity. So take it easy and good luck.

How Can you help Gaza?

Mon, Aug 4 2014 03:15 PM

#PrayForGaza for starters. No matter what you think or who you think is to blame for war, innocent people are always the victim. Hundreds of thousands could do better with a small donation from you. There are several trustworthy channels to deliver your donations to Gaza, Palestine, or refugees camps in the surrounding areas. The Gaza Strip is home to a population of more than 1.5 million people, including 1.2 million Palestine refugees; all under attack!

Here are some you will use today:

 Donate to UNRWA

Abdulla Al Noori Charity Society 

Internatinal Islamic Charity Org



Everyone PICKed !

Mon, Apr 28 2014 02:01 PM

If Buzberry is good at one thing, it isn’t blogging because we’ve been lazy bloggers recently. In fact, FAH and I have been good at detecting trends at their earlier stages.

I recall FAH’s post back in 2011 when Pick first opened, the verdict was that a wider sandwich and ‘picks’ variety are necessary. In January 2013, I wrote an article about my friend Bobby who expected a stronger shift towards “healthier” food restaurants. You have to be happy at the pace restaurants are popping up in Kuwait, it gives more bargaining power to the costumer rather than the business owner in the food industry as a whole. In 2013 only, I’ve personally added 2 new restaurants on my favorite healthier eats list. Until we start seeing more “healthy eats” option in the market, we won’t have any bargaining power and will have to submit to long queues and busy phone lines.

Now the downside of restaurants reaching supremacy falls into 2 categories: Carelessness in operations, and accumulation of blind followers. The more people fear missing out, the more likely they create a fake “demand” towards a product. Businesses then try to cope with that demand and unintentionally drop quality and customer service. Loyal customers have tolerance, I hope businesses knew.


Credit Default

Tue, Apr 8 2014 03:17 PM

Some might be aware of the term “credit default swap”, but this is not what the title refers to. See, these swaps happen where someone doesn’t pay his dues and another shows up willing to take the risk. What happens when no one shows up with the willingness or the capability to purchase default credit? And the original borrower is no longer able to pay? In Monopoly (the board-game) someone gets everything, and everyone no longer have anything; then it is game over and everyone goes to sleep and tomorrow is a new day. Let’s fast forward to tomorrow. What do you think?


Class of 92

Thu, Mar 27 2014 04:21 PM

I guess the phrase “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is now more applicable to Manchester United than ever to Liverpool FC. We’ve been reading all over the news in the past couple of weeks of United fans’ disappointment towards how the club is currently being steered. The best ending for every crisis is when the kid grows up to take care of the old-man. I guess this is why and how the Old Lady has survived after all. Just like John Elkann and Andrea Agnelli (grandsons of Juventus/Fiat owner Gianni Agnelli) revived modern Juventus, the class of 1992 are rumored to be lobbying for change at Manchester United.

If rumors turn out to be true, then Scholes, Giggs, the Nevilles, Nicky Butt, and hopefully Beckham, are preparing to bring along a consortium that aims to take-over Manchester United from the current owners. The thought of it gives this sense of excitement. Good rumors never turn out to be true do they?


Virgin Land

Wed, Feb 12 2014 01:09 PM

I was fortunate enough yesterday to enter one of KOC’s parameters for a work-related visit. Now as some of you may know, entry is prohibited to the oil fields, except for personnel with valid gate passes obtained for their jobs being at site. Rules, regulations, law, and order inside the KOC gate is the exact opposite of Kuwait city. You can imagine the extent of law enforceability inside the KOC gates, and question why is it hard to replicate the same inside the entire borders of The Sate of Kuwait?

What I loved inside the gate was the unique nature. In fact I would invite everyone to go and stand by the fence there and have a look at the beauty of untouched land, compared to the yellow flowers on the side curbs of every road which surely made every Kuwaiti happy. I felt very sad leaving the KOC oil fields area, because the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.

If only we preserved part of the desert and banned camping for one season only.

Mudroom project

Mon, Feb 10 2014 09:54 AM

The English call it something else, perhaps refer to it as a cloakroom or an entryway. A mudroom can simply be a bench with hangers and a shelf on top, all located just at the door of any home. As soon as you walk indoors, have seat and get rid of your shoes, jacket, umbrella, keys, bag, and every other thing that clutters your living room. I’ve noticed that my patters requires something similar, because I end up parking my shoes in one place, wallet and key in another, and jackets elsewhere. So I decided to make my own mudroom from scratch. My mudroom is almost done and I’ll be sharing my latest DIY project with you soon!


4G Trap

Sun, Jan 26 2014 10:41 AM

We’ve been very slow at Buzberry in the past couple of months, just like the Internet speed in Kuwait. I recently signed up for an 18 month contract with Wataniya Telecom for a 4G connection.  It’s been one month now, and the fastest speed I could get was 13 Mbps for downloads, during full moon nights only. It has taken Wataniya’s IT Support 3 weeks to respond to my queries and call back saying that 13 Mbps is decent. Well is it?

I believe the network evolution has matured since some ISPs in Kuwait are already selling speeds up to 50 Mbps (in reference to the KEMS offer on all papers this morning). InfoConnect Kuwait 2014 starts today, so you should expect good Internet deals everywhere. Avoid the traps.

Photo above is of T-Mobile.


Boxing Day

Thu, Dec 26 2013 12:39 PM

What is Boxing Day? As far as I know, Boxing day is the day after Christmas (Dec 26), which happens to be a bank holiday in the UK. That same day is known well for shopping too, as many stores go on a huge sale to get rid of inventory before year end. And if you are a football fan, then you know that boxing day is the day when all professional football leagues are in action, let alone other sports like horse racing.

Eager to find out why it was referred to as “Boxing Day” I had to ask uncle Google:

A ‘Christmas Box’ in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was a day off for servants, when they would receive gifts (or a ”Christmas box”) from their bosses or employers and then went home on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.

Reminds me much of Eid for Muslims. However, our boxing day would be the same day of Eid itself when servants would finish their chores and leave for holiday the same day and/or next day.

Happy Boxing Day!


Hero or Villain: Diego

Sun, Dec 15 2013 10:07 AM

I’ll start posting, every now and then, a photo of a controversial charachter (or it could be a thing) that has created  an extreme polarization of supporters and haters.

Starting it with Diego Maradona.

Hero or Villain?



Sun, Dec 15 2013 09:29 AM

Quite a waste of time and money. Parkland is the perfect movie for someone (teenager) who has no idea how and when JFK was assasinated. The movie was like a documentary for me. If you think you know world history well, look for something else.



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